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Learn how to improve your spoken English fast using our new online spoken English course.

By the way, you might want to check out my new free spoken English course which is a free style English learning blog I just started. I'll be adding to it more and more.

We're going to show you the best step by step method to speak English like a native speaker. Now is 2011 and it's time to learn how to communicate with the world in English. For many years people all over the world have been using terrible study methods for learning English. Many countries hired native English speakers to teach English speaking courses in universities and private schools. That didn't work because most of these people were not good teachers, they were just normal people who were given teaching jobs just because they were white.

My brother and I have spent many years studying the best and most interesting ways to teach spoken English. We want to share our knowledge with you.

Our method doesn't focus on boring grammar and useless vocabulary words. We've taught thousands of students all over the world and we know exactly what you need to learn and improve on.

We use HD microphones and make a fun show you can download onto your MP3 Player or computer. We discuss all slang and useful vocabulary words that you'd never learn in school. We speak clearly and in a free style way so you can understand how native speakers talk to each other. We teach the kind of English you will hear in real life and in Hollywood movies and TV dramas. We tell stories about our own real lives and share with you some really interesting cultural stuff that will help you in business, when travelling around the world, when moving to an English speaking country, or just for hanging out with your English speaking friends. Each of our 100 Lessons (10 to 15 minutes each) comes with a PDF Ebook of our real life dialog along with an MP3 of the dialog and free talk explaining all the new words and telling cool stories.

Here are some reasons why our online English course is much better than other ones:

  • Use modern technology like the Iphone, Ipad, Android, and smart phones to teach you anywhere and anytime
  • Use HD quality microphones to teach real life conversations. (The audio quality is amazing)
  • Have really interersting topics and discussions. (Honestly all other English courses I've seen are so BORING!)
  • Teach the exact words and phrases you need to learn. (Most programs teach a lot of vocabulary that you won't use and will forget)
  • Give you the confidence to really live your life in English if you want. You can travel, get a high paying job in a western company.....
English Listening Lessons
  • Download over 100 MP3 Lessons with a PDF Ebook for each lesson.
Improve spoken English
  • Easily put all MP3 Lessons and PDF's onto any computer, Iphone, Ipad, Android, or whatever else you use.
  • Listen in your car, on the subway, at the gym, or wherever you want!
Spoken English Lessons
  • Get 10 Bonus Business English lessons and 6 funny English learning Videos.

We've sold over 5000 copies of this course to people in over 70 countries and we get so many amazing emails everyday from people who are loving it. Here is what a few people are saying:

"I moved to New York from Japan about 2 years ago. I could write a little bit of English but my speaking was really bad. I felt terrible because I couldn't understand what people were saying. I used your course for 3 months and it really helped me so much. Now I have a lot of western friends and a pretty good job. Before you guys, I wanted to move home. Now I'm loving my life!" Brandon Takahashi, Tokyo, Japan
"I got a great promotion at my bank because of this English speaking course. It's really fun and helped me understand western culture. All my friends notice my spoken English is a lot better than before and you guys taught me how to ask my boss for a raise. This really works much better than I thought. 2 of my other close friends are now using it and also love it." Chen Li, Shanghai, China
"I have a really shy personality. I hated that about myself and I used to be afraid to speak English before. I was worried that people would laugh at my mistakes. You guys really helped me improve my confidence and made me believe in myself. I also learned so much valuable information from you. I really want to say thanks and I hope we can meet one day if we have a chance" Francois Benoit, Paris, France
"I put all of your lessons on my Ipod and I've been listening to you guys everyday on my way to work and home. Your voices are great, the quality is amazing, and the show is definitely the most interesting English program I've ever seen before. My speaking is getting better day by day thanks to you. You guys make learning fun." Anjali, India
English Listening Lessons
  • 100% Safe Payments
  • Use any credit card or Paypal from over 100 different countries
  • Zero tax or shipping costs
  • Receive the whole program immediately by digital download.
  • Full 100% refund if you have ANY problem with the program

Try these lessons for 60 days.  If you follow the program and your spoken English hasn‘t improved greatly, email us and we will give you 100% of your money back.  So far, everyone has loved this program and we’re sure you will too.

When you order Naturally Fluent from Clickbank you will be able to immediately download the entire product with instructions on the Thank you page after paying. The audio files are in .mp3 format and the learning guide is in the .pdf format.

If you have any questions about the product just contact me at and I'll be happy to answer you!


english mp3

english mp3

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